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  1. Update in progress (game off)

    Its same deal, nothings changed lol...
  2. what happen?

  3. Server Up

  4. Enchant Rate is mistake or not

    Server has been here for 2 years, just saying.
  5. Enchant Rate is mistake or not

    Um no, +18 was set at 1% and +19 was set at 0.5% so this is an upgrade. Also this is not the "easier to get end game" part, that is something else.
  6. Enchant Rate is mistake or not

    I have changed it, with the given deluxes i.e deluxe x5 ( your rates will jump up with them ) so if the rate says +7 = 10%... with deluxe x5 it becomes 50%!
  7. New Update..any thoughts ?

    Not really, I have ran server for 3 years now and I have to say non of my servers were that "Old" school, I just like to do things on my own and different which you will find out very soon. And it will take same effort to go from +1 to +10 as it was from +1 to +19 just now, you have less Plussing to do!
  8. Update in progress (game off)

    As the discussion goes on facebook, I will also include it here... All +19s will be turned into +10, 18s into +9 17s into +8 etc..... max Plus is now +10... All status will be removed from most of the items ( so you will see the old school Str, agi, vit etc content in the game ) Tali' weapons will also be turned into +10 but their stats will remain as is ( might be altered slightly )
  9. Update in progress (game off)

    Hello guys, I want to let you know that the server will be going down for a day or two as I prepare it for the major update. What you can expect in the update? - Be able to farm end-game content in so many different ways i.e 63/63 endgame plus acc./armor etc. - New Armor/weapons which you can only farm etc. - Reworked drop list system of bosses and other mobs - Variety of items being removed as in Discontinued! - Multiple different Event NPC's to be added - All of forge rates are 95% now - Upgrading gear with Tamir has been increased - Ip ticket shop updated - Level cap is reverted back to 110! - Max heroic level is now 1 - Hero 2 skills remain - You will see the reset once server is back up in few days!
  10. Laine's box....... again

    Just re-summoned them
  11. Bonus Event x2

    Free Points
  12. Bonus Event x2

    So from this time/date forward the event will run for 2 days because of the ups and downs we've had! Whats included? - Christmas Event NPC at Hazy/Gathering Hall - x2 FP for being online - x2 Donation points Enjoy it while you can!
  13. Always got dc

    Explain? on All characters or just one?