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  1. Server Down or problem with my PC?

    Down. maybe backup server or ....
  2. I think the server will not die, at least not in the near future. Possibility Wolf is making a surprise or alteration to the development of this server.
  3. I agree.. Questions and at the same time good feedback. Now it depends Administrator Wolf (the Owner), if the server is willing to stagnation or ....... Now.......... What would He do...... ?!! IDK
  4. ARS VI

    Adminstrator, GM Wolf Request..... Request a gift, there are options ARS VI for all quests in R3. or Place All mobs (for gift ars vi), in many places in R3
  5. Patch/Restart 3/25/17

    fix success rate forge 15s-19s ??? probability ?
  6. Patch 2/26/17

  7. Skill changes 2/24/17

    Thanks. for your hard work
  8. Requet Boost

    we will feel very happy if GM would increase damage skill wide pollution to wizards and violent shot to scout. Thank you, hopefully GM can consider this request.
  9. Scout too fragile

    yes, i agree with you
  10. Scout too fragile

    if you want to modify scout str, dagger weapons, crit can be up to 38K, full buff with melee skill and kick. but still weak defense
  11. PvP Balance Discussion

    Still waiting to hear from @ wolf about Wizard. how to Wide Pollution get improved its damage. And how the other skill. Why choose a class that is rarely in the life of people, so the game feels more diverse, not only in the dominance of giant and temp.
  12. PvP Balance Discussion

    Wide Pollution, hardly reliable when pvp, because it will be easily neutralized with a detox. and slow to use other skills. class wizard is only useful for the farm is not for pvp. gm, can increase the damage wizard more interesting when for pvp.
  13. PvP Balance Discussion

  14. PvP Balance Discussion

    How to Wide Pollution in the Wizard, and Violent Shot in Scout ?