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  1. Ideas Ideas Ideas

    Ya , consider water temple garden , lauke monastery , Crystal quarry , Nightmare castle too , good spot upgraded bosses . There should something be like PK immunity scroll , given to new chars or which can only be acquired through quests and are non tradable . People have to earn it and main draw back is it disappears when you goes pink .
  2. Yup , they have enough damage , how come a warlock(RazeD) dominates in PvP , sure some caps really needed mainly for dark elves and Elves .
  3. 2 - 4 B per day ?!! I don't believe it , I only need crones , tell me the spot , and ways of making it .
  4. Yeah , I don't know good farming spots , I have to go to hazy (can't survive in R3) where I make 20mil each 1/2 hour , not to mention all key banging , dual logging , buffing in time plus PK risk without HK huh and 30℅ of that goes to tax , Basically it sucks , you guys are already fully geared . Just two hours online during TSB and two bill. hell
  5. Please cap the tax rate , it sucks a 30% is a heavy burden on us farmers . We farm , those guilds do not farm a single crone . Enjoying our hard earned labour . It should be between 15 to 20℅. Also cap the elemental resistance to 75% so that is rangers and guards have better damage against temps and wizards . Thank you
  6. What happened with GM Earl ? really Removed ?

    Before quitting let me know ID password of your accounts too lazy to farm. PM me. 😝
  7. What happened with GM Earl ? really Removed ?

    Only tweaked hero skill 3 can balance the game , I have played in some other private servers , They edited these skills the game is really balanced . Also some other skills of classes need balancing too . Let those temple know the power of storm assault . I can help in this matter , and can suggest .
  8. Please limit the tax rate to 20% maximum . It sucks , people get crones without farming , we farm hard and all we get is 30% less , which sucks really . People farm hard here for 15 days to 30 days or so , then win TSB , then disappear ( may be playing in some other private server ) just logged in during TSB ,win then disappear again , This continues. GM please consider this seriously .
  9. Not able to use 54 bag slot

    Thnx , able to use it .
  10. Not able to use 54 bag slot

    I am not able to use 54 slot bag in my treasury , please help . It can't be placed at that slot at all
  11. Each and Everyone , is awosme . Alas , kinda unable to find their name .
  12. Those background music(songs) are awsome , how can i download them and listen them on my free time ??
  13. Best boss drop

    Thanx a lot , that Belzebub is not on iRohan , never seen its stats though .
  14. Best boss drop

    Belzebub location ??
  15. Best boss drop

    I dont know boss locations of all new bosses except beze , ruler , florenze , Silva , celia , shuriel , R4 and R3 bosses .