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  1. ARS VI

    Nope it would make botting even more ezier, You don't make the game easier to beat it, you deal with it your way to beat it(inclued botting)
  2. [Needed] New Event GM

    Non Guild or not Power spoils ppl. Unless the benifit you provide them overcome that power.
  3. [Info] Winners of 6v6 PVP event

    "Rude " - 1st place. This tournament must be about trolling eachothers till rage quit
  4. hi..question.

    cant find any other player in the game. do you have any specific area where you gather?

    or players are just few.

    BTW my free costume just disappeared and the 30 days mount as well. i just login this day log out and re login .

    1. KatyPerry


      Coraline isn't actively playing atm for as far as I'm concerned.. Most people are at hazy I guess, but those are mostly afk kiosks.

      For a new costume/30day mount check our item/event mall. The free ones you get in your bag are bugged. The ones in your item/event mall work :).



  5. Konoha YearBook

    I'm inactive atm. Will also stop replying requests for guidance.For those who new to the game contact @Doge for help.
  6. how to lvl up fast here? thnx in advance! :D more power

  7. Konoha YearBook

    The Guild is done but i'm still around. whisper my 4rum if u need help
  8. Yo MaMa

  9. PvP Balance Discussion

    Guys pls keep this topic free of drama
  10. Hi :D

    Any Guide?

    1. coraline


      whats your question again ?

    2. coraline


      find me at Fiah Vilalge or pm -Succubus-


  11. Dank Mims

  12. PvP Balance Discussion

    Maybe increase othersa Heoric defense and leave the Templars one alone. Thats my idea,
  13. PvP Balance Discussion

    Time to try something new maybe