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  1. Update in progress (game off)

    new updating patch ^_^ Lets Relax and take a nap.... it almost done ahahahaha
  2. what happen?

  3. Update in progress (game off)

    Nice Nice Nice... not boring armors/costumes hehehehe Keep it up
  4. Update in progress (game off)

    Keep Calm Everyone... gm wolf is doing everything i guess ^_^ anyway its just 3days soon to be past.. there still tommorrow Dont Lose Hopes! @Gm Wolf... keep it up and Long Live YOLO ROHAN.............. Im too excited but still we need to be patience about this updates...
  5. Freemall Crafting Crystals Scam

    its not scam rely.... u maybe misunderstood it, it can be stock up to 250pcs but not exceeded to 250pcs... ^_^
  6. Name Change Card Thread

  7. Skill changes 2/24/17

    Dont Mind the Negativity of this haters GM Wolf... we will support YOU all the way ^_^ I Love This YOLO ROHAN no more better than this !! Peace! God Bless and More Power ^_^
  8. [Event] Will you be my Valentine?

  9. Patch Notes 12/24/16 - Merry Christmas!

    WTF giant haters!!!! why dont u also recommend to GM Wolf that giant should be deleted also!!! Giants now are slower than before!! and tell also GM Wolf that put more minutes on STONE SKIN! CS NO CD in Guardians Just for u to be satisfied!!... LAMAO!
  10. About the Honor Medals

    "Many people used the bug with the Serpenters to get high level Medals of Honor in a matter of minutes to hours. " the question is... what happens to those people having +7 medal of honor by using this bug? coz its unfair they're having it so easily w/o the taking the quest properly.... PEACE ^_^
  11. I dont think ALL CLASSES Have cure in SILENCE.. does a Berserker have cure in (dhan)SILENCE?? HUMAN, DRAGONS do they have also? dont think so..its not all the time u have the skill u want to.. if that happens? then you will might be the Game Master.. ^_^ Chill!
  12. as a Berserker its unfair to make [Low blow] be cured... ^_^ every character has strength and weaknesses u should find ur strength coz if its happens to be [1]character is OP.. then this game is IMBALANCE... thnx to GM Wolf... Great thinking and making this server much more balance than those other servers.. God Bless To all.. ^_^