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  1. Clearing up rumors (:

  2. WTB : Medal, Accessories

    Nice princess ;P
  3. Pollution Mind

    If your "rohan cursor" changes to "windows cursor", you won't be able to use the skills. Relogging using alt+c won't help. You should relog the whole game / Just change the resolution. The reason why the cursor changes is because of the interaction from Legion Armors; the moment you click it, your cursor changes.
  4. Armor Reinforcement stone V <=== SELLING

    Nah not really. There were more players before than now actually xD
  5. Armor Reinforcement stone V <=== SELLING

    Yeah. Market shifted and I don't even know why xD
  6. Armor Reinforcement stone V <=== SELLING

    I'd buy if its 100m each
  7. 1st time playing

    Create lvl 30 mage. Go upper right away. Equip the starter gears and lvl there until 110. farm IP tickets. Ez money You can teleport using the website.
  8. CS doesnt work wtih mace ?

    It's the way it is. CS works only when you're equipped with dagger or one handed sword, just like how Fixation only works if you equip a mace.
  9. [Info] Winners of 6v6 PVP event

    GGWP :D
  10. [Info] Battle Royal

    Yeah no GM skills :D
  11. [Info] Battle Royal

    The use of ohn shouldn't be allowed XD
  12. [Event] Will you be my Valentine?

    FB Post. IGN : [Azwraith-]
  13. [Event] Will you be my Valentine?

    Happy Valentines to everyone ;) Have a nice day and goodluck :D IGN : [Azwraith-]
  14. It's all @Doge 's fault guys! haha
  15. fishing update?

    So you're into fishing now, Samantha? XD