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  1. Skill changes 2/24/17

    Please also fix and add the easier exp for 115. @Wolf
  2. Skill changes 2/24/17

    It takes the right gears to be able to hit that much damage, not just that, without the use of dark eyes, cbt, empower, you'll probably wouldn't even hit in that range for a templar, your over here complaining about templars because you seem to be getting rekt by templars everyday and maybe you possibly can't even gear one; on the other hand, dhans could do around 30k-40k dpp/pp, agi dhans could crit almost 10k/20k+20k, int/vit dekans can breath/drain/dffs/ffs 30k-50k, all it takes is a few skills just to kill a temp if you gear a char right just like how these temps are dropping you.
  3. [Event] Will you be my Valentine?

    Single and ready to mingle, okay with social media love as long as we connect through instagram and snapchat, due to my own culture I can go beyond alcoholic but thats where true love comes and I don't touch drugs. #falsegods IGN: Bacardi
  4. PvP Balance Discussion

    No, its just the way you replied with such a ugly attitude of way of saying with no sportsmanship on forums about my own opinion about warlocks mirror by having to happen to repeat what wolf said like a stupid 8 yeard old would do to prove yourself that you are right and for the fact for talking about global and comparing it to yolo with "rates" and thinking I should go back and play global, that was just simply dumb to be even said, I suggest you just to sit down and go read a book or go play with your mom more often.
  5. PvP Balance Discussion

    "Rates", LOL; kid I was too good back in global where you probably couldn't even stand a second in suken while im over here holding the third best upgraded katar in game wiping dogs like you and I actually came into this private server due to my friends quitting global and migrated here because there's a little more action here before and I never stated in my comment to make it like irohan, all I said was one of the patch on warlocks was good from global and second of all you can't even clearly state what you are saying at all, so please learn how to put more thoughts and meaning to it rather than coming around and complain after " the purpose of mirror is to REFLECT DEBUFFS and you want to debuff it? "; I ain't that dumb to know its 3 hits to break a mirror, therefore for a temp its annoying to take off your blunt mastery and rebuffing it just to break it.
  6. PvP Balance Discussion

    You come up with the dumbest comments with no thought to your mind at all, the purpose of mirror isn't just for debuffs, its to reflect the damage you do back to yourself and its also for stuns, so why not give us the ability to debuff it like global rohan also fixed on warlocks, rookies with rohan, smh; tip of the day " give a little more thought before you type " LOL . @Suk
  7. PvP Balance Discussion

    Let us be able to debuff warlocks mirror and maybe deduct their cool down reduction a little if so to balance it out. @Wolf
  8. PvP Balance Discussion

    Who says that I play "all day", I don't even spend a second in game somedays unlike you who can spend a few hours a day, that level 7 skill and 115 may not be in your interest at all due to you having such a "life" but I believe we all have a life here and its not just you, we all know we don't have so much time to spend just to level up to 115 therefore that's why we are asking too boost the exp if you cant read the comments above BUT let me get to the point with getting to 115 that you seem to not understand, that additional 10 stats will help increase your damage or health depending where you distribute it by a little, equality 7 will give you a 50% chance of boarding your damage and also increase the damage and tickles your opponents even a little more damage by which every damage helps, who doesn't want shadow level 7 with a 15 seconds increase from 35 to 50 seconds and be immune from debuffs and stuns, one stun can possibly already get you killed in game, if you don't go to war than I understand by your behalf but most of these pvps now in days are "zerg", meaning that one side of the guild have like 20-30 members on while the other opponent guild have like maybe possibly only 10 due to the different time zone, so obviously for templars it would be sweet to hit 115; you expect way too much of a big of a prize for just level 115, 100/150 all stats would make your char way too op while the medals are max at 80 all stats I believe and it already makes a big difference in damage but I do agree with you for rewarding players that reaches 115, maybe a tali weapon box or even a permanent ghost mount is good enough, we shouldn't receive such a big of prize for just 115.
  9. PvP Balance Discussion

    Did you just really said that, lol?; your a farmer maybe that's why you wouldn't really understand, anything helps to improve yourself not just the additional stas and herioc, you also get level 7 110 hero skill which it really benefit some classes such as templar or dhans that don't really get their hero skill level 7 once they hit 110, this will help a lot and benefit you in war .
  10. PvP Balance Discussion

    I believe you should just double the exp in receiving, I make about 3% in one hour with Wrath of Ohns in Mock Ducks with party/solo scrolls and party/solo seals and about 1.5%-2% in R3; so to be said I want to be making 6% in one hour in Mock Ducks and up to 4% in R3 if this exp boost is going to take affect, leveling to 110 is a piece of cake, getting to 114 will just buy you 4-5 hours or a day, 115 will usually take you up to one week or two and I believe 115 should be a prize where you would have to earn it with a little work so I believe you shouldn't make it too easy to hit 115 when getting to 114 just takes you a day or two, if you do the calculation it'll possibly take you 3-4 days to hit 115 depending how much effort and time you put in it, double the exp and maybe also throw us a exp event boost while this takes all affect.
  11. PvP Balance Discussion

    Vit Dekans needs to be nerfed big time, they literally can 1-2 shot nearly anything; decreased their damage into doing 30k-25k maximum and ffs 20k-15k, I'm eating about 45k dffs and aslo 45k " FFS " somehow and I find it crazy to see, not just that but most of these dekans abuse it by buffing triple fatal 24/7 and kill almost anything, its too unbalanced especially when you have 2 dekans aiming at you and you couldnt even last 5 seconds.
  12. PvP Balance Discussion

    I also highly insist you into doing something about the leveling, you don't really see many people at 115 due to the fact that it takes so long just to hit it and there'll always be someone coming to kill you therefore people usually would always remain at 110 or 114, even the scrolls barely helped a little maybe you should start making a exp boost event or maybe do one tomorrow for the holiday, lets see people actually try to level instead of pvping all day when there really ain't always pvp someday. @Wolf
  13. PvP Balance Discussion

    So you are telling me I'm going to need to hit a maximum vit player about 25 times, that is insane; especially when dekans/priests have skills to heal, what's the point of trying to kill one, lol.
  14. PvP Balance Discussion

    Templars are already perfect for where they are at, those who are hitting 15k-17k are just having high enough accs at 18-19s rings etc to be able to do that much damage, not just that but if the opponent does not have a nice amount of physical defense due to not having decent armors than of course a temp could be able to hit that much and if the opponent does not have a good amount of damage drop than they would be like paper not just that but templars are in need of defender to be able to do that much damage, you got dhans over here dpp/pp 10k-35k with or without emp and they aren't even at 18-19s at all, im on a fully 18s templar but with no legion armors and only 15s eyes/ears and I still only do 11-9k with scrolls and emp, you have people comaplining about temps due to them not having the right accs at all and the only class that is broken is seeing giants running away with madness, take out the mobility or decrease it, its more like cat and mouse for these giants and please fix the detection on dekans, it's pointless when you can't even hit your opponent.
  15. To All Viable Templars of YOLO!

    Templars are a lot better with a tali club due to the durable weapon stones you can add to increase yourself, having attack speed would help a huge for templars and also critical stones to increase your critical rate in doing critical damage oftenly, in the other hand a regular glacial club wouldn't really help much and I believe its a lot less mele for yourself, not sure but I haven't tested that out to be sure about but I doubt that the glacial club doesn't meet the amount of mele a tali club gives unless you have a dual stated glacial club with mele and magic attack which that would help increase your mele a lot more than a tali club would if you want to hit harder than a tali club user does; for example to say a templar with a tali club +19 is hitting +18k mele, someone with a max dual stated magic and mele 63% glacial club would have about 4-5k increase in mele than a tali club +19 user would have which that would be equal to +22-23k mele.