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  1. [Event] Will you be my Valentine?

    IGN: [X]Wolverine, xChris

    kung gusto nyo po ng pinoy guild.. sali po kayo sa Legends.. dun lang po kayo sa Dwarf Hill mag teleport po may mag sasali po sa inyo dun.
  3. PvP Balance Discussion

    @topic anyway, as what we have been saying for months already here at forums, serkers were buffed way too much. I was one of the people who asked for serker to be buffed before but right now it is way too buffed. you can even say madness was better before even though it can stun lock, it has only 30secs duration and has around a minute or 2 cooldown time that you actually need to use your brain during pvp. right now its basically unlimited with a few seconds cd with 5minute duration which means only paralyze can disable serkers. I did not have a chance to QUOTE your message bruh but it seems you have a very good observation about the serkers, and I agree with you. Once they stun you, you will never move again + the fuck that they have super speed moves. Good JOB on that bruh KUDOS for providing such info.. Hope wolf can see it.
  4. Hi! I'm back!

    I second that bruh. Specially STR AVENGERS class we are weak now because of that Tali's. :D -Chris
  5. Newbie here !

    Have you ever played on a different server before? This Rohan Server is somehow the best ATM.. PVP all the way baby..
  6. To all PLAYERS who are playing this game.... I think there is some bias shit going on. 8:15 PM MLA TIME "[GM]Wolf" gave me a warning to stop casting Sealing Square? What?? This guy Michael claims to remove Sealing Square because he thinks it is a bug? What again?? For your info guys, you cannot cast sealing square inside the safe zone area. Outside SZ you can. If you have a level 7 Sealing Square it is BIG to block a small space like out of the Entrance of Mock Duck. Now please explain your actions earlier GM Wolf on why you are going to BANNED me for casting a skill which is created to block and trap players? Also it is not a "bug".. Just to let you know.. Sincerely, Chris.. This shit is over for me.. GM's are favoring players...
  7. Temps

    wolf, nerfing temps is not the answer. not all templar characters in game can damage the way other players can. what about them? i mean, i would like you to reconsider this thinking. i am playing str avenger and i am not complaining about being killed by strong templars. it is part of the game, they need to grind more for gears. also, +1 to you joemski, come to think of it wolf. enhance other characters and not try to focus on templar's being op. we are all having fun here.