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  1. what happen?

  2. Server Up

    abby = indo
  3. Help about reinforcing weapons and armors

    ars,wrs,pps and abra,ip tickets are,tokens are minibosses drops..so you can spam hunting them talis are good for stat based classes like agi dhan,psy wiz,dex guardian or even str guard and giants/bersekers forged/glacials for range/melee/magic attack based like warlock,str def,ds int,dk vit,ds vit for rangers and scouts..forged/glacials is a must some classes depends on your build or accessories used farm ip tickets at mock duck or upper or x3 abra ( repeatable quest reward ) and legion parts ( drops ) at r3 - make 4-5 toons/alts party so you can get more x3 abra/quest
  4. Enchant Rate is mistake or not

    even with the old rates ppl stayed.just that,wolf left and no sub gm. but one of the reasons why ppl stayed that long on yolo, bcoz it's worth it. and that they work their ass off for months getting their items and upgrading it.just imagine ppl who paid for 19s and the ones who did the hard way. well,if its gonna be like that..what's there to look forward to then ? p.s. prolly you guys never tried making 19s or farmed it almost 24/7 for a month or so just to make/get one
  5. Enchant Rate is mistake or not

    after the patch/update Enchant Rates: + 1 = 100% + 2 = 95% + 3 = 85% + 4 = 50% + 5 = 40% + 6 = 20% + x5 abra = 100% + 7 = 10% + x5 abra = 50% + 8 = 5% + x5 abra = 25% + 9 = 3% + x5 abra = 15% + 10 = 1% + x5 abra.. vs. before Enchant Rates: +1 - 5 = 100% + 6 = 85% + 7 = 75% +8 = 60% +9 = 50% +10/+1 = 40% +11/+2 = 30% +12/+3 = 20% +13/+4 = 10% +14/+5 = 9% +15/+6 = 7% +16/+7 = 4% +17/+8 = 3% +18/+9 = 2% +19/+10 = 1% this..isn't even a good news going to 19s..was almost impossible for us times,crones,efforts,vote points..sleepless nights farming im sure we help kept the server alive even with those things.. added the effort going to leveling to 115 just like that.. well,still looking forward on the update ( more like a drawback/downgrade lol ) Butler,awt ~
  6. crafting feature

    hi wolf is there a way that you can implement armor and weapon crafting too ?i mean going grade V and making it at least 1~5 slots/sockets ? i find it a waste since no one's really utilizing that feature..crafting is <3 and please,make gathering not that hard please ( make gatherng 3x or 5x or/and add mats on webmall )..to think that crafted items arent even worth making xD players love crafting <3 <3 <3 tali's are overrated x_x
  7. Help about reinforcing weapons and armors

    forged items or glacial weapons/armors has no socket nor you cant put any socket in it for forged/glacials weapon/armor upgrades..you'll be using deluxe crystals ( obtainable by pulvorizing trash/unneeded glacial weapons/armors at the crafting studio ) and going +6 onwards you're gonna premium preservation stones ( pps ) to avoid your item from breaking when it fails - go to NPC Tamir ( hazy map,dwarf hill,healing forest or crafting studio ) wrs can only be used on crafted weapons ( useless atm since you can only go as far as 2 slots/scokets on grade V )..useful ones are mainly tali's weapons ( has 5 sockets.obtainable thru bosses/quests ) ars can be used on legion armor sets ( has random 1~5 sockets and obtainable at r3 mobs ),artisan shields ( thru crafting ) and accessories ( rings,bracer,necklace,goggles and earrings ) from crafting and major bosses drops,for some. abradants are used to avoid the crafted weapons/armors/accessories from breaking when it fails,at the same time multiplies your upgrade chances ( 50%,x3,x4 and the new x5 abradants ) fyi,this info is still based on the current patch,things might change after this new update
  8. Enchant Rate is mistake or not

    x5..epic xD
  9. Enchant Rate is mistake or not

    it's kinda unique actually.. so,if +1 ~ +5 (originally +14) will be that easy,then +10(originally +19) will be so much easier. since ars v is cheap and can easily be farmed on minibosses/bosses or crafted.and all you need to do is spam it xD but the best way to do 10s is..w/o using yolo points is to go 1s or 2s 1st then go 7s which was basically the same chances way back getting thru 19s ( going 13s to 19s ) but the good thing about this is that 6s and 7s ( 15s and 16s before ) is now gonna be easier since 6s(15s) is now 20% + x4 abra = 80% ( before it was 7% + x4 abra = 28% only ) and 7s(16s) is 10% + x4 abra = 40% ( before it was 4% + x4 abra = 16% only )
  10. Enchant Rate is mistake or not

    nah i dont think so,u can always use it +5 + ars v = +10 or +4 + ars vi = +10 +4 + ars v = +9 which is actually his main goal..to lessen the stages/path on going to max upgrade or +10 right now
  11. Enchant Rate is mistake or not

    well,it is what wolf put in..but does make sense tho so,its should be legit
  12. Enchant Rate is mistake or not

    its true.. 19s will now be 10s 18s ~ 9s 17s ~ 8s and so on..
  13. Update in progress (game off)

    wolf's still eating his pizza..standby x_x
  14. Coming Back To YOLO Rohan!

    there should..tryna look around xD