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  1. Another one down

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=A81Dz6Fnpbs gg "ma friend"
  2. Nudes vs Nub Temp

    clearly u potted first you can see your hp 10% to 60% when my hp was 40k ;* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra5yaAcoFqE
  3. Clearing up rumors (:

    I killed him 4 times ofc he's not gonna say it , reason why I killed me 1 time was because we agreed to no pots and when he saw he was dying he used TD (: sore loser P.s : look at his dmg and look at mine rofl, pls go use your illegal stones again your pathetic. Don't spread false rumors cheating ass kid :*
  4. GM Husky

    Gone forever (:
  5. WTS>Tali Dagger-Agi+19

    tali club 19 for ur tali agi?
  6. Y'all so lame

  7. Y'all so lame

    ^ is this nub serious ? LOL jk
  8. Y'all so lame

    Y'all be desperate for this server to be up like bruh let the gms do their work continue with ur life go outside go do sum for yoself, y'all don't even do anything in game anyways besides sitting in sz looking at your screen cuz you scared to get wiped by us lmao so what's your problem? Let them work on their stuff y'all don't do anything in game anyways -Nudes
  9. for the haters

    you won the first fight cuz you got like 4 hits before he did , second fight he didn't even have euphoria on and he almosted won lmao
  10. true we need new events lmfao not only boss summonings
  11. Chow..

  12. Chow..

    Don't deny it 5 hitta
  13. Still looking for tali agi?

    Wtt my tali agi +18 for ur club+18
  15. B> This things,

    this old but you got anything like this still or?