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  1. Update in progress (game off)

    same with me. . . what you did? did you close the launcher?
  2. Update in progress (game off)

    @Wolf how about the progress of the update?
  3. Update in progress (game off)

    amazing wolf. . . great job. . . thank you wolf for giving us game like this. . .
  4. what happen?

    lol. . .
  5. what happen?

    this is wolf now after doing 4 days maintenance. . . how are you wolf?
  6. Server Up

    wolf give us 20SES and 20ASES i just wondering if wolf give per character or per account. . . and hope it will be tradable. . . can't wait to log in. . .
  7. Server Up

    how's patching wolf?
  8. Server Up

    holy sh** wolf give me a sign. . . . lol
  9. Server Up

    Please give me a sign for server up. . . wanna play rohan today. . . wolf give me a sign :D
  10. Enchant Rate is mistake or not

    +19 to +10 have same effect. . . what problem on that?
  11. Wow New Yolorohan

    what do you think about wolf profile pic in fb?
  12. Enchant Rate is mistake or not

    wolf I noticed that you change the upgrading rate in the site. . . what is the accurate rate in the site or here you mentioned above?
  13. New Update..any thoughts ?

    yeah. . . just imagine guys wolf do this alone. . . so it takes time to do this update. . .
  14. New Update..any thoughts ?

    i see. . . now i know. . . thanks btw