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  1. New Update..any thoughts ?

    sadly yolo isnt gona be yolo anymore..its gona be one of "those" servers.old school..pfft yolo has been great since..just that,there were no worthy/fair gm to handle playaz on events or something.. i feel like,all the hard efforts of most old players getting to 115,19s and staying on the server..got thrown out of the bucket
  2. Y'all so lame

    omg nudes you got yourself a new fan xaxaxaxa
  3. [Needed] New Event GM

    can i try ?im noob but i will make yolo alive again. i <3 yolo
  4. 2x ROHAS STR +18 SDV EAR +18 Looking for SAV EAR/GOG or FLOs AGI +18 or Buying it in Crones msg me or comment here
  5. Start Weapon

    starter weap/items are meant only for new players to survive on pve and levelup easier.not for pvp
  6. Server Down or problem with my PC?

    omg nuuuuuu..stuck on character screen
  7. Farming SES?

    np :)
  8. who scammed moha ? lol
  9. Farming SES?

    SES ( level 6 skill stone,with uncertain success rate ) can be farmed at origin of necromacy map/portal just go mid or varrow forrest portal and go giants footprint location..kill 107+++ mobs ( looks like a giant robot wielding an axe or a sword with shield ) drop rate is like 1-3 ses per hour..sometimes none lol xD or at the website,using vote points on freemall costs 600 vote points ( 100% success rate,non-tradable ),this i usually just do or IP Mall merchant,NPC Talagath costs 40k ip points i guess..which is very much expensive xD ASES ( level 7 skill stone,100% chance ) can be farmed at R3 miniboss,Belzac ( has like 12 belzacs and spawns 1hr - 1hr & 30mins,for some spots ) also,drop rate is about 0-3 ASES out 12 boss killed or using your vote points,freemall costs 800pts and its TRADABLE,so..you can have your alts buy it for you xD but ofc both SES and ASES can be bought from players too SES ( level 6 skill stone,with uncertain success rate ) is about 60m-75m atm ASES ( level 7 skill stone,100% chance ) is about 300m++ just go hazy either shout it or check people's kiosks or search it ( press " f " type in exact keyword,like"Skill or Ancient" and search it,you'll see the the item,price,seller and location of its kiosks )
  10. Name Change Card Thread

    kalderoo > RED