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  1. Little help

    thx =)
  2. Little help

  3. Little help

    Hi all. i`m not a new player, but dont play long time and want to start play again. Have some question: 1) what is the last armor and weapon and where i can get it? 2) what is the last ring, earrings and glasses on the server and where i can get it? 3) is str defender good for pvp on this server or better choose another class? If yes, then club+dagger or club+shield? Thx for answers =)
  4. GM ADD more patrols at upper

    75 or 90

    try this http://rohan.playrohan.com/GameInfo/Gathering.html

    maybe this help u http://planetrootless.blogspot.com/2012/03/rohan-ghatering-spot.html
  7. Patch 5/28/16

    Wolf,fix plz forge elixir
  8. Buy

    Hi all. Want to buy elite split crossbow fragment with +15% RA
  9. Farming crones and gear(armor,weapons,acc etc)

    i farm in Burnt Ruins. Portal Stone - Origin of Necromancy Wizards, vit DS, Savage
  10. Shoutbox

    Hi all. who can tell me, Shoutbox is working on forum or not? When i try to post a mesage i get this - look at picture and last message is Xamex Friday at 07:11 PM Is there an easy way to gather gems ??
  11. EXP

    but 100fp for ticket(((,maybe do like it was in gratt undergroung waterway or another spot to get 110?)
  12. EXP

    exp better in mockduck
  13. EXP

    Hi all GM plz fix exp, after lvl 105 is 0.2% per mob with scrolls and seals!!!!
  14. Server is back up

    GM Wolf, i lost my forge elite split zhen: health +30% and dd 11% from my treasury (name of my char is GreatOne), can it still be recovered. thx