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  1. what happen?

    nah, I bet he take whole weekend off so he should looked like:
  2. Enchant Rate is mistake or not

    nah, doesnt make any sense
  3. Glacial Parts in NPC

    Hi,, I wanna ask about glacial parts that was sold at the NPCs, I saw that on the game website it was said that if I buy those parts I can get many different options so that I can get a pretty good gear. And the first time I bought from NPC it did, manage to craft melee 63% from it. However. a few days ago I tried to do the same. but all the glacial parts that I bought from NPC are all normal items without any options. Doesn't matter how many I bought still got the same result. What I want to know is whether I did something wrong that caused those items to have no options or whether game setting is already updated?
  4. Laine's box....... again

    Yay. C-Grade thank you so much GM Wolf :D
  5. Laine's box....... again

    Hi, sorry to brought this back again regarding Laine's box quest for upgrading gem gathering from level D to C; I did read the other topic which said that all boxes are somewher near Elres portal stone I did looked everywhere including scouring the city tens of times, stilll cant find anything I also looked inside black dragon dungeon but also no result can anyone help plz
  6. Freemall Crafting Crystals Scam

    wow so lucky I browse this forum