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  1. Gorillaz Guild

  2. This Server's Class Balance Sucks

    Thats why i like first month of new servers, any op items, hard wars/tsb.
  3. Class Balance

    Attack speed is not fine, cuz they are hitting faster than guards with cs, and they can also move while hitting.. So this is the main problem in my opinion.
  4. Did you guys enjoy the Events?

    Events is always good thing, but you should do events in various time, cuz there a thing like timeline. Or 2 events per day, then more ppl could join event.
  5. Selling and Buying Thread of iTrash

    Waiting you online
  6. Wtb>> eud rings +18

    Pm me in game - Siuvejas
  7. Is this really legit?

    My god, you all talk that GM is bad, why dont you leave this game, and stop cry here. Wolf told fact, that wg and spartans are shit without Earl, so read this again and again. And maybe you and your brainless guild mates will understand. P. S. Now wg and spartans will answer on my topic, uuuuughh tartarus shit, noobs. If you will do that, this will one more time show how brainless u are...
  8. What happened with GM Earl ? really Removed ?

    Can u see Mr. Vien, Sientist, or other temp, which got all gear +19? Or im blind?
  9. WTT> Insurgent

  10. WTT> Insurgent

  11. WTT> Insurgent

  12. WTT> Insurgent

  13. WTT> Insurgent

  14. WTT> Insurgent

    Hello, I'm looking for a person, that want to trade my Insurgent chain +17 x2 ( magic att ) to Insurgent neck +17 x2 ( melee att ) whisper me in game- Suvirintojas, Siuvejas. Or leave a reply here, ty.
  15. WTT>Eartings & Goggles

    Hello, Looking for a person that want to change my Earrings IPV +15 & Goggles IPV +13 <<to>> Earrings +15 DEX & Goggles +13 DEX In game nick- Banzai