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  1. Patch 5/28/16

    thank you for your support gm..i just started playing 3 days ago with your game..and didnt know anything..and spent a lot..now i will be banned for doing something that i didnt know smile emoticon.. thank you for your fairness. :).
  2. Patch 5/28/16

    plss help me ..my items were gone when i traded it to my other account..can you check in your system the trade than happn this 4pm-4:30pm in my character..MacroPHOBIA..i was pt with Mikebutler ign and with my other character PantoPHOBIA..i sent a trade request to my character MacroPHOBIA..then i accept it..when i already put my items in the tradebox and confirm it i thought it was cancelled or it was traded already transfered.when i check the inventory of PantoPHOBIA no items found....i think my pt mate Mikebutler created a name similar with PantoPHOBIA and make a trade request on me..plss help..i already spent a lot in donation,,pls help.. lost items= insurgent chain +15 4pieces rental armor set artisan club IV +15 RENTAL costume thnx..GODBLESS