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  1. Patch/Restart 3/25/17

    Damn my bad i feel dumb -_- sorry bro XD
  2. Patch/Restart 3/25/17

    how so retard? lol tell me how does real life-time has to do with gaming?? lol wat game is ur life too or wat? retard rofl
  3. Patch/Restart 3/25/17

    GG. Sound familiar to what someone was saying ingame :) wtf does the time of tsb has to do with real-life time changing? it doesn't even save daylight saving lol! Doesn't even make a sense GM wolf :)
  4. Gorillaz Guild

    Lol lost to Joel and changed names HHHHHHHH lol pathetic harold.
  5. Name Change Card Thread

  6. Name Change Card Thread

    Gisele B√ľndchen
  7. LF Guild.

    come join SandStorms, we are more than welcome u....english guild AKA -USA
  8. Temps

    it's alright soon playas will, server getting boring. Xd
  9. Temps

    Well if nerfing temps makes u happy, GG to server. i'm quiting if temps are getting nerfed.
  10. Patch 4/26/16

    r u gonna add deluxe crystals to IM?
  11. What are you listening to?

  12. What are you listening to?

  13. SN Cries

    yolo23.bmp yolo29.bmp