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  1. what happen?

    keep smile
  2. Dank Mims

  3. Nusantara Guild

    perkumpulan anak anak Indonesia...
  4. Name Change Card Thread

    guebinfung > Mrs.Yngwie.Malmsteen
  5. for the haters

    maybe watch prist even 1 vs 1.... very interest..... LOL
  6. for the haters

    wow Batman... next fight me.. im come back.. by :Malmsteen
  7. Is this really legit?

    give me it please... or im offer with 2 u some dollar $ ?
  8. Is this really legit?

    LOL.. im using empo +Dark eye +CTB + Full scroll can Big Damege !!
  9. only GM to make 55% Attack and 45 % ASPD ? please give me it.. xD
  10. i agree with u,, because we must support new player ...
  11. ha ha ha server will down if he said a fact !!!
  12. Many rumor at the server about GM Earl... ? we need Fact ?
  13. whos best dekan in the server ?

    wowwww.. GEGEH dah